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[Raman spectrum study of 3.3'-diethylthiatri carbocyanine iodide].
3.3'-Diethylthiatricarbocyanine iodide (DTTC) dye is an important infrared Raman probe molecule, and has received great attention in the past decades due to their potential applications in RamanExpand
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[Raman spectra calculation and analysis of plasticizer dioctyl phthalate].
In recent years, with frequent domestic food safety incidents related to the plasticizing agent, the detection of plasticizers in food research becomes increasingly urgent. DEHP is one of theExpand
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[Optimization of melamine structure using density functional theory and vibrational spectra studies].
Melamine was used in foodstuff and feed industry as a feed additive occasionally. In the present work, melamine geometry structure was optimized by density functional theory (DFT) method. Raman andExpand
Inversion of target radiant temperature and distance via spectrum separation.
Accurate measurement of temperature and distance is essential for applications in multiple fields such as air defense, antimissile systems, laser damage, and infrared remote sensing. However, rangingExpand
[Raman scattering calculations studies of malachite green isothiocyanate].
Malachite green isothiocyanate (MGITC) is a Raman probe molecule that was applied to cells detection, tissue composition detection and cells stain imaging. In the present work, MGITC molecularExpand
[Scattering properties of core-shell structure of mist wrapped dust particles].
The authors have investigated the optical properties of core-shell structure of mist wrapped dust particles based on the method of discrete dipole approximation (DDA). The influence on the thicknessExpand
Electron density analysis of plasma produced by laser irradiation of silicon nitride ceramics
Silicon nitride ceramics were irradiated by a solid-state Nd3+: YAG pulsed laser with an output wavelength of 1064nm. The plasma characteristic spectral lines were obtained by changing the laserExpand
[Research on variable selection of wheat near-infrared spectroscopy based on latent projective graph].
To simplify the model and improve the precision of prediction model, latent projective graph (LPG) was used for variable selection. The original spectrum was processed by continuous wavelet transformExpand
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[Research of Identify Spatial Object Using Spectrum Analysis Technique].
The high precision scattering spectrum of spatial fragment with the minimum brightness of 4.2 and the resolution of 0.5 nm has been observed using spectrum detection technology on the ground. TheExpand
[Study on inversion of temperature distribution based on principal components analysis].
Multispectral radiation thermometry (MRT) is one of the methods for non-contact temperature measurement. The present MRT could invert only one approximate temperature value, and the actualExpand
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