Hong-tian Zhang

Ru-xiang Xu1
Wen-peng Liu1
Zhong-hai Wu1
Hao-yu Cheng1
1Ru-xiang Xu
1Wen-peng Liu
1Zhong-hai Wu
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This study is designed to evaluate the therapeutic effects of three types of neurospheres (NSs) derived from brain, bone marrow and adipose tissue in a rat model of spinal contusive injury. As shown by BBB locomotor rating scale and grid test, the optimal therapeutic responses generated by subventricular zone-derived NSs (SVZ-NSs), and followed by(More)
Dopamine receptor 1 (D1R) plays an essential role in regulating respiratory activity in mammals, however, little is known about how this receptor acts to modulate the basic respiratory rhythmogenesis. Here, by simultaneously recording the discharge activities of biphasic expiratory (biphasic E) neurons/inspiratory (I) neurons and the XII nerve rootlets from(More)
This study tested whether the glial cells are involved in the exciting effects of doxapram on brainstem slice in vitro. Experiments were performed in brainstem slice preparations from neonatal rats. The medial area of nucleus retrofacialis (mNRF) and the hypoglossal nerve (XII nerve) were contained in the preparations. The slices were perfused with modified(More)
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