Hong-tao Bai

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K-means algorithm is one of the most famous unsupervised clustering algorithms. Many theoretical improvements for the performance of original algorithms have been put forward, while almost all of them are based on Single Instruction Single Data(SISD) architecture processors (CPUs), which partly ignored the inherent paralleled characteristic of the(More)
The structures, energetics, spectroscopies, and stabilities of the doublet NC(2)O radical are explored at density functional theory and ab initio levels. Nine minimum isomers are located connected by 22 interconversion transition states. At the CCSD(T)/6-311+G(2df)//QCISD/6-311G(d)+ZPVE level, the lowest-lying isomer is bent NCCO 1 (0.0 kcal/mol) with (2)A'(More)
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