Hong-seock Lee

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Pathological gambling is a serious social issue, but the underlying psychological motivations are poorly understood. This study developed a five-factor gambling motivation model. The five factors that motivate gambling (socialization, amusement, avoidance, excitement, and monetary motives) were derived from study data obtained from 240 college students. The(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of antidepressant treatment on serum cytokines and nutritional status in hemodialysis patients. Twenty-eight hemodialysis patients with a depressed mood were given 20 mg of fluoxetine for 8 weeks. The degree of depressive symptoms, the serum levels of interleukin-1beta, interleukin-2, interleukin-6, tumor(More)
The correlation between the D4 dopamine receptor gene (DRD4) and the D2 dopamine receptor gene (DRD2) polymorphisms was investigated with personality traits. For this study, homogeneous population consisting of 243 young alcohol- and drug-naive Koreans who were blood-unrelated with a mean age (+/-SD) of 13.87 (+/-0.30) years old was analyzed for the DRD4(More)
If the concept of the gender-specific molecular heterosis is not considered and tested, incorrect conclusions would easily be drawn in association studies. Therein, heterosis and its gender effect in the genetic effect of DRD2 gene for smoking were examined with 187 healthy Korean individuals. The male smokers showed a higher A1 allele frequency (P = 0.016)(More)
We examined the genetic effect of DRD2 A1 allele in 167 Korean schizophrenics in relation to their smoking habit. Although there was no apparent difference in the genotype distributions of DRD2 gene among the female schizophrenics (n = 66), the male counterpart (n = 101) showed significant differences in their genotype distributions. The comparison between(More)
This preliminary field trial examines the reliability and validity of a proposed research algorithm for diagnosing International Classification of Diseases (ICD)-11 personality disorders and its association with other psychiatric assessments for the primary classification of a single dimension of the five severity levels of personality dysfunction. In(More)
Polymorphism in exon III of the dopamine D4 receptor (DRD4) gene has been implicated to be associated with the human personality trait of novelty seeking (NS). For this study, we have investigated the possible association between 48-bp VNTR in exon III and -521 C/T SNP of the DRD4 and personality traits among young ( approximately 14 years of age) Korean(More)
This field trial examines the discriminant validity of five trait domains of the originally proposed research algorithm for diagnosing International Classification of Diseases (ICD)-11 personality disorders. This trial was carried out in South Korea where a total of 124 patients with personality disorder participated in the study. Participants were assessed(More)
OBJECTIVE Easy triggering of trauma-related episodic memory fragments caused by perceptual cues is tied to strong perceptual priming in the implicit memory system. And among benzodiazepines, only lorazepam has been consistently reported to have an atypical suppression effect on perceptual priming processes. The aim of this study was to investigate the(More)
OBJECTIVE Personality is defined as the trait-like qualities of a person. However, it has been recently suggested that the state effect of a situation leads to changes in scores on personality assessments. We predicted that traumatic experiences would induce changes not only in personality scores but also in the factor structures of personality assessments.(More)