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OBJECTIVE To study the protection of puerarin on the cerebral injury in the rats with acute local ischemia. METHOD Rat was evaluated model of acute local cerebral ischemia was made by ligating middle cerebral artery. The cerebral damage toxylin and eosin((HE). RESULT The number of died neurons were significantly less in puerarin-treated rats than in the(More)
The winter feeding sites of White-browed Hill Partridge (Arborophila gingica) was investigated in Jiuwanshan National Nature Reserve in Guangxi from November to December 2010. With the 34 found feeding sites, the used sites (n=25) were compared with the control sites (n=25), and 19 parameters were measured at each site. The results showed that White-browed(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the effect of Puerarin Injection on the hemorheology in acute blood-stasis model rats. METHOD The acute blood-stasis model rats were made by being soaked in ice water afer being injected adrenaline hydrochloride injection in a major dose. The changes of viscosity of whole blood and plasma, blood yield stress, erythrocyte aggregation(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the effect of puerarin on the expression of Hsp (heat shock protein) 70 in the rats with cerebral injury induced by acute local ischemia. METHOD Rat model of acute local cerebral ischemia was made by ligating middle cerebral artery. The Hsp70 expression in brain tissue was detected by SP method of immunohistochemistry. RESULT The(More)
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The progress in the research of the pharmacological activities and clinical applications of preparations of dried leaf of Ginkgo biloba is summarized. The preparations of G. biloba contain various chemical constituents, and have activities of relaxing blood vessel, oxidation, improving learning and memory. The clinical applications include treatments for(More)
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