Hong-mei Zhang

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Considering the relevance among features, which filter-based feature selection method fails to deal with, a kind of hybrid quantum particle swarm optimization and support vector machines based network intrusion feature selection wrapper algorithm is put forward. The subset of features is represented using quantum superposition characteristic and probability(More)
Primary central nervous system lymphomas (PCNSLs) are rare non‑Hodgkin tumors defined as lymphomas of the central nervous system (CNS) without primary tumor elsewhere. It was reported that PCNSLs represented only 3–7% of primary brain tumors and 1–5% of all lymphomas. Most of PCNSLs are B-cell lymphomas, while T-cell PCNSL (T-PCNSL) is extremely rare, the(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of catecholamine hormone on the blood and brain of heroin addicts. METHODS Rats were divided into three groups and treated with the glucose (control group), the heroin (im) (heroin group), and the combination of the intramuscular injection of reserpine and heroin (reserpine group). Changes in the levels of the dopamine(More)
Oriented structure enhancement plays important role in computer vision tasks, where the diffusion is encouraged along the preferred direction instead of perpendicular to it. By analyzing the differential geometric property of the oriented structure, a complementary tensor is proposed by combining the first and the second-order structure tensors as(More)
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