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The response of peatlands to climate warming: A review
Abstract Peatlands hold a large portion of the Earth’s terrestrial organic carbon and serve as important pools in the global carbon cycle. Due to their strong feedbacks, peatlands are one of the mostExpand
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Coherent interference in the resonant dissociative electron attachment to carbon monoxide
Dissociative electron attachment to carbon monoxide, e(-) + CO -> C + O-, at 9.5, 10.0, and 10.6 eV is investigated by using the anion velocity time-sliced map imaging technique. The completely ...
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[Niches of seven bryophyte species in Hani peat land of Changbai Mountains].
Based on field investigation and by using Levins and Pianka formula, the niches of seven bryophyte species in Hani Peatland of Changbai Mountains were studied. The results showed that the averageExpand
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Renner-Teller effect on dissociative electron attachment to carbon dioxide
Stereo-dynamics of dissociative electron attachments to CO_2 is investigated by the O^- anion velocity imaging experiments combined with the R-matrix calculations. ^2{\Pi}_g as a Feshbach resonantExpand
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A testate amoebae transfer function from Sphagnum-dominated peatlands in the Lesser Khingan Mountains, NE China
We present a testate amoebae training set for building a paleohydrology transfer function. Ninety-one samples were collected from three Sphagnum peatlands in the Lesser Khingan Mountains, NE China.Expand
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Anion velocity imaging study of the dissociative electron attachment to CFCl3
Time-sliced velocity imaging experiments have been performed for the low-energy electron dissociative attachment to CFCl${}_{3}$ in the gas phase. The time-sliced velocity images of theExpand
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Electrolytic degradation of polyacrylamide in aqueous solution using a three-dimensional electrode reactor
ABSTRACT In this study, electrochemical treatment of a synthetic solution containing 2,000 mg/L of polyacrylamide (PAM) was studied using a three-dimensional electrode reactor, which receivedExpand
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[Research advances on interactions among bryophytes].
This paper summarized the present research status and advances on the intra- and interspecific positive interaction, intra- and inter-specific competition, niche, and coexistence of bryophytes.Expand
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Use of testate amoebae to infer paleohydrology during fen and fen-bog transition stages of ombrotrophic mire development
We evaluated the feasibility of using testate amoebae to infer the quantitative paleohydrology of ombrotrophic mires during their early stages (fen and fen-bog transition) of development. TwoExpand