Hong-fu Zuo

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Aiming at improving the well-known fuzzy compactness and separation algorithm (FCS), this paper proposes a new clustering algorithm based on feature weighting fuzzy compactness and separation (WFCS). In view of the contribution of features to clustering, the proposed algorithm introduces the feature weighting into the objective function. We first formulate(More)
In this paper, we discuss the applications of time series modeling method in the analysis of lubricating oil of mechanical equipment. We obtained satisfactory results by applying AR model to perform time series modeling and forecasting analysis to the collected spectral analysis data of the air engine. So we have built a practical method for state(More)
Fault diagnosis is the important work and research hotpots for a complex system. Because the traditional methods are not suitable to the complex system, the synthesis methods of Grey clustering theory and Petri nets are presented based on the characteristics of complex system. The model of Grey Petri Nets is put up. Fault diagnosis based Grey Petri Nets(More)
Since the composition and concentration of aeroengine exhaust can reflect the combustion efficiency, they can provide the basis for condition based maintenance, and also the basis for the analysis of environment pollution caused by aeroengine exhaust. So the importance of aeroengine exhaust detection is evident. Up to now, the measurement of aeroengine(More)
The traditional method of measuring the aeroengine exhausts is intrusive gas sampling analysis techniques. The disadvantages of the techniques include complex system, difficult operation, high costs and potential danger because of back-pressure effects. The non-intrusive methods have the potential to overcome these problems. So the remote FTIR passive(More)
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