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Soft tissue sarcomas (STSs) are a rare and fascinating group of diseases that can be subdivided into specific reciprocal translocations in STSs (SRTSs) and nonspecific reciprocal translocations in STSs (NRTSs). PTEN mutations are rare in STSs, suggesting that PTEN expression may be lost by alternative mechanisms such as methylation. In order to reveal(More)
It is an important task to locate facial feature points due to the widespread application of 3D human face models in medical fields. In this paper, we propose a 3D facial feature point localization method that combines the relative angle histograms with multiscale constraints. Firstly, the relative angle histogram of each vertex in a 3D point distribution(More)
It is a research focus of computer graphics aided orthodontics in terms of realizing the local texture mapping of 3D tooth model to mark the 3D tooth model easily and quickly. According to the problem of incomplete mapping area appearing in local texture mapping of surfaces constructed by triangular mesh, this paper selects and locks the 3D model local area(More)
Feature extraction is a key technology in the process of the 3D model retrieval, and the retrieval result is determined by the quality of the features. This paper structures one function (θ, φ, H) which is used the spatial position (θ, φ) and the mean curvature (H) of the 3D model surface point. Through making harmonic analysis for the function, a group of(More)
AIM CCK is one of the strongest endogenous anti-opioid substances and suppresses morphine tolerance which results from long term use of morphine. This study explores the modulatory effect of CCK on pain formalin-induced. METHODS The effect of formalin-induced pain on CCK immunoreactivity in rat sensory neurons was observed through immunohistochemistry(More)
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