Hong-Zhi Wang

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An algorithm of video denoising based on spatial-temporal combination is proposed to improve the video quality. This algorithm can adaptively distinguish the still regions from the motion regions of video frames by bilateral motion detection of multiple frames, where temporal bilateral Kalman filtering is applied to the still regions and spatial bilateral(More)
This paper presents a Matlab's implementation for 2D-FFT image reconstruction algorithm of magnetic resonance imaging, with the universal COM component that Windows system can identify. This allows to segregate the 2D-FFT image reconstruction algorithm from the business magnetic resonance imaging closed system, providing the ability for initial data(More)
In this paper, we analyze the transformer of X-ray high-voltage high-frequency generators and, have designed and implemented a high-voltage insulation testing system for its oil tank using full-bridge series resonant soft switching PFM DC-DC converter.
In image-guided therapy (IGT), the coordinates of the surgical needle's tip can be calculated according to the geometric relationship between the needle's tip and the spherical markers, which are attached on the surgical needle and tracked directly by the optical trackers. Therefore, the step to determine such geometric relationship, also called(More)
Data quality is important in many data-driven applications, such as decision making, data analysis, and data mining. Recent studies focus on data cleaning techniques by deleting or repairing the dirty data, which may cause information loss and bring new inconsistencies. To avoid these problems, we propose EntityManager, a general system to manage dirty data(More)
A RF coil (or probe) is one of the key components in NMR spectrometers and MRI systems, and designing a quality RF coil is a cheaper way to improves the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of systems and image quality. According to different applications there are a variety of RF coils. This article describes high-sensitive micro RF coils used in NMR spectrometers(More)
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