Hong-Zhen Zheng

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Reverse logistics has the following disadvantages, scattered, uncertainty and small volume. It is difficult for E-commerce to provide a good reverse logistics services to reduce their and buyers transportation expenses. Based on the analysis of current reverse logistics practices, it presents an effective strategy of non-defective reverse logistics. By(More)
It presents the IPAFN (Importance performance analysis based fuzzy neural) approach that integrates fuzzy set theory, BPNN (back propagation neural network) and three-factor theory. The importance of service attributes is implicitly derived via the BPNN that used defuzzification crisp number data. The weights between input neurons and output neurons in the(More)
It presents a practical modeling and solution approach for VMI cyclic inventory routing problem (IRP) under constant customer demand rates. In VMI, the supplier takes the responsibility for replenishing his customers’ inventories based on their consumption data, with the aim of optimizing the overall distribution and inventory costs throughout the(More)
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