Hong-Yue Zhang

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A multiple fault detection and identification method based on fully decoupled parity equations for dynamic systems with known linear and unknown nonlinear terms is presented. The fully decoupled parity equation vectors is derived and it is shown that the residuals generated from it are decoupled from other faults and the unknown nonlinear term and are(More)
A novel fault tree analysis (FTA) technique based on the Takagi and Sugeno (T–S) model is proposed in this paper. In the proposed technique, referred to as the TS-FTA, the events in the conventional FTA can be expressed in terms of fuzzy possibilities, and the gates that represent the relations among the top event and the primary events are replaced by T–S(More)
Reaction wheels are main actuators of satellite attitude control systems. If a mechanical failure of one out of four reaction wheels occurs, it should be detected quickly and the controller need be reconfigured to restore three-axis control using healthy reaction wheels. To realize fault tolerant control, a predictive filter is applied to obtain information(More)
The work presented here uses a library of behavior models of system components as a core for supportive tools for several work processes during the life cycle. Models of complex systems can be automatically composed from such library elements and provide the basis for the automated generation, instead of programming, of diagnostics and fault analysis. The(More)
This brief deals with the problem of reliable H<sub>infin</sub> fuzzy control for a class of discrete-time nonlinear systems with actuator faults by using multiple fuzzy Lyapunov functions. The Takagi and Sugeno fuzzy model is employed to represent a nonlinear system. A sufficient condition for the existence of reliable H<sub>infin</sub> fuzzy controllers(More)
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