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Here, we describe a biomimetic microsystem that reconstitutes the critical functional alveolar-capillary interface of the human lung. This bioinspired microdevice reproduces complex integrated organ-level responses to bacteria and inflammatory cytokines introduced into the alveolar space. In nanotoxicology studies, this lung mimic revealed that cyclic(More)
The overall rate constants of the reactions of NO with hydroxy- and chloroalkylperoxy radicals, derived from the OH- and Cl-initiated oxidation of methacrolein and methyl vinyl ketone, respectively, were directly determined for the first time using the turbulent-flow technique and pseudo-first-order kinetics conditions with high-pressure chemical ionization(More)
IR and Raman spectra are reported for 1,1-difluorocyclopropane-d0, -d2, and -d4, and complete assignments of vibrational fundamentals are given for these species. These assignments are consistent with predictions of frequencies, intensities, and Raman depolarization ratios computed with the B3LYP/cc-pVTZ quantum chemical (QC) model. Ground state rotational(More)
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