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This paper presents for the first time a successful synthesis of quaternary nanocomposites consisting of graphene, Fe(3)O(4)@Fe core/shell nanopariticles, and ZnO nanoparticles. Transmission electron microscopy measurements show that the diameter of the Fe(3)O(4)@Fe core/shell nanoparitcles is about 18 nm, the Fe(3)O(4) shell's thickness is about 5 nm, and(More)
We exploit a fiber puller to transform a telecom single-mode optical fiber with a 125 microm diameter into a symmetric and unbroken slightly tapered optical fiber with a 50 microm diameter at the minimum waist. When the laser light is launched into the optical fiber, we can observe that, due to the evanescent wave of the slightly tapered fiber, the nearby(More)
The ability to strongly absorb light is central to solar energy conversion. We demonstrate here that the hybrid of monolayer ZrS2 and double-ring tubular B20 cluster exhibits dramatically enhanced light absorption in the entire visible spectrum. The unique near-gap electronic structure and large built-in potential at the interface will lead to the robust(More)
This study details a one-time ray-tracing optimization method for the optimization of LED illumination systems [S.-C. Chu and H.-L. Yang, "One-time ray-tracing method for the optimization of illumination system," in Proceedings of International Conference on Optics in Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology (icOPEN, 2013), 87692M]. This method optimizes(More)
Many dynamical problems in physics and other natural fields are usually characterized by the nonlinear evolution of partial differential equations known as governing equations. Searching for an analytical exact solution to a nonlinear system has long been an important and interesting topic in nonlinear science both for physicists and mathematicians, and(More)
This paper details the design of a ray-leakage-free sawtooth-shaped planar lightguide solar concentrator. The concentrator combines Unger's dimpled planar lightguide solar concentrators [1] with a prism array dimpled planar lightguide solar concentrator. The use of a sawtooth-shaped boundary on the planar lightguide prevents leakages of the guiding ray(More)
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