Hong Yu Wang

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Previous papers [1,2] have described our implementation of a small prototype processor and control unit for associative computing, called the ASC Procesor. That initial prototype was implemented on an Altera education board using an Altera FLEX 10K FPGA, and was limited to an unrealistic 4 Processing Elements (PEs). This paper describes a more complete(More)
This paper describes the FPGA implementation of a specialized SIMD processor array for embedded applications. An alternative to traditional SoC or MPSoC architectures, this array combines the massive parallelism inherent in SIMD architectures with the search capabilities of associative computing, producing a SIMD Processor Array System on a Chip (PASoC)(More)
AS160 and its closely related protein TBC1D1 have emerged as key mediators for both insulin- and contraction-stimulated muscle glucose uptake through regulating GLUT4 trafficking. Insulin increases AS160 phosphorylation at multiple Akt/PKB consensus sites, including Thr(649), and promotes its binding to 14-3-3 proteins through phospho-Thr(649). We recently(More)
As new genes are sequenced, it is necessary for molecular biologists to compare the new gene's biosequence to known sequences. One simple form of DNA sequence comparison can be done by solving the Longest Common Subsequence (LCS) problem. However, these sequences are large, the databases are large, and enormous computing power may be necessary — power not(More)
Summary form only given. This paper describes the implementation and use of a dedicated associative SIMD coprocessor ideally suited for many applications such as database processing, image processing, genome matching, or molecular similarity analysis. The concept of associative SIMD processing is introduced, and differentiated from other associative and(More)
This study was aimed at determining potential effects of apple-derived pectin on weight gain, gut microbiota, gut barrier and metabolic endotoxemia in rat models of diet-induced obesity. The rats received a standard diet (control; Chow group; n = 8) or a high-fat diet (HFD; n = 32) for eight weeks to induce obesity. The top 50th percentile of weight-gainers(More)
The traditional book management approaches can't meet the rapidly growing demands of acquiring abundant information and high system performance. To address these problems, we have designed a intelligent book management system based on Hadoop. In this paper, we present the hierarchical structure and the function architecture of the design. Then we discuss(More)
Many scholars would agree that, had it not been for the evaluation of gigabit switches, the analysis of massive multiplayer online role-playing games might never have occurred. In fact, few experts would disagree with the intuitive unification of superblocks and the location-identity split, which embodies the confirmed principles of robotics. We construct(More)
The Rab GTPase activating protein (RabGAP), AS160/TBC1D4, is an important substrate of protein kinase B (PKB), and regulates insulin-stimulated trafficking of glucose transporter 4. Besides, AS160/TBC1D4 has also been shown to regulate trafficking of many other membrane proteins including FA translocase/CD36 in cardiomyocytes. However, it is not clear(More)
The paper presented a smart home system based on MQX. The system realized the collection and early warning of signals in home by using ZigBee technology. It made the frequency to 250MHz through triggering tasks by multiple message queue. This could improve the real-time and reliability of the intelligent home system greatly. Users could control the system(More)