Hong-Yu Chu

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We report a direct experimental observation of traveling microbubbles induced by intense laser pulses in strongly coupled dusty plasma liquids. The dense plasma ablated from a suspended dust particle generates a spherical plasma bubble with a low dust density, in the quiescent regime before a transition to self-organized longitudinal dust density waves. It(More)
Railroads have been experiencing traffic demand growth and increasing capacity constraints. Effective capacity management is thus crucial to the successful operation of railroads. The initial step in capacity management is to measure and monitor capacity and congestion. This research established a process for constructing parametric capacity models for(More)
The dusty plasma liquid formed by micro-meter sized particles negatively charged and suspended in a low pressure discharge background is a good candidate to study the generic spatio-temporal dynamical behaviors at the kinetic level through direct optical video-microscopy, because of the sub-mm interparticle spacing and the slow time scale. In this paper,(More)
We investigate the interaction dynamics of an existing stable microbubble B1 and another laser induced nearby expanding microbubble B2 in a thin ink sheet between two glass slices. The fast expanding B2 causes anistropic compression of B1 with a forward penetrating jet. In the subsequent expansion stage of B1, the gas associated with jet protrusion to the(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the distribution characteristics and correlation of inorganic element contents in Alismatis Rhizoma and rhizospheric soils from three habitats (Jianou, Fujian; Guangchang, Jiangxi; Pengshan, Sichuan). METHODS The inorganic element contents were detected with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). RESULTS The(More)
We report the generation and evolution of a finger-shaped bubble in liquid by dielectric discharge setup. The spherical gas bubble is deformed into a finger-shaped bubble after the ignition of plasma. The presence of the filamentary discharge in the bubble not only provides the local heating to the bubble, it also changes the distribution of the electric(More)
Summary form only given. We experimentally investigate the interaction between dusty plasma bubble (DPB) and self-organized dust acoustic wave (DAW) in a low pressure dusty plasma liquid suspended in a weakly ionized low pressure rf discharge through video microscopy. The dusty plasma bubble (DPB) can be formed as dust particles are expelled by pulsed laser(More)
We investigate the evolution of the plasma bubble in a narrow gap. According to the morphological changes, we further show that there are three phases during the evolution for spherical fluctuating, radial fingering, and dense branching plasma bubbles, which are similar to the radial fingering pattern in a Hele-Shaw cell. The dependences of the wavelength(More)
We investigate the three-dimensional evolution of shock impact on a membraneless gas bubble. When a shock wave impacts a gas interface, gas layer is generally perturbed via the Richtmyer-Meshkov instability. We show the vortex structure evolves from the merging process of the extending spikes on the compressed D-shaped surface via the Richtmyer-Meshkov(More)
This work is inspired by the expansion of the plasma bubble in a narrow gap reported by Chu and Lee [Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 225001 (2011)]. We report the unstable phenomena of the plasma-liquid interface with different curvature in a Hele-Shaw cell. Dielectric barrier discharge is produced in the cell at atmospheric pressure which is partially filled with(More)