Hong-Yi Lin

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Many of our activities on computer need a verification step for authorized access. The goal of verification is to tell apart the true account owner from intruders. We propose a general approach for user verification based on user trajectory inputs. The approach is labor-free for users and is likely to avoid the possible copy or simulation from other(More)
For many computer activities, user verification is necessary before the system will authorize access. The objective of verification is to separate genuine account owners from intruders or miscreants. In this paper, we propose a general user verification approach based on user trajectories. A trajectory consists of a sequence of coordinated inputs. We study(More)
BACKGROUND Preterm infants are at an increased risk of sucking problems, swallowing difficulty, and poor nourishment. During the neonatal period, the neurobehavioral organization of a preterm baby is poor compared with that of appropriate gestational age infants. Kinesio Taping has been widely used for edema control, joint protection, and proprioception(More)
The swap-before-hibernate (SBH) swaps out all swappable pages before the system enters hibernation mode, thus reducing the memory used by the system and the size of hibernation file. However, when the system resumes, the program must be reloaded into the main memory by swap-in; hence, the response time of program depends on the swap-in speed. This study(More)
  • Hong-Yi Paul, Lin, Paul, Hong-Yi Lin, Stuart E Madnick, Thesis Advisor +1 other
  • 2012
This thesis presents a study of data quality enhancement opportunities in upstream oil and gas industry. Information Product MAP (IPMAP) methodology is used in reservoir pressure and reservoir simulation data, to propose data quality recommendations for the company under study. In particular, a new 4-step methodology for examining data quality for reservoir(More)
Collection of Taiwanese text corpus with phonetic transcription suffers from the problems of multiple pronunciation, or pronunciation variation. By further augmenting the text with read speech, and using automatic speech recognition with a sausage searching net constructed from the multiple pronunciations of the text corresponding to its speech utterance,(More)
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