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We demonstrated experimental comparison between ghost imaging and traditional non-correlated imaging under disturbance of scattering. Ghost imaging appears more robust. The quality of ghost imaging does not change much when the scattering is getting stronger, while that of traditional imaging declines dramatically. A concise model is developed to explain(More)
In this paper, we explicitly explore how to manipulate single qubits by one-rotation controls under various manipulation conditions. It is revealed that one can construct control Hamiltonian and adjust the control to manipulate quantum states. Furthermore, we comprehensively discuss how to optimize control magnitude in terms of a new kind of weighted(More)
The role of priori knowledge in quantum information processing is explored by investigating probabilistic remote state preparation in this paper. For a case study, a comparison has been made among three efficient schemes, which are used to perform the remote preparation of an arbitrary quantum state. The comparison results indicate that one can take(More)
A DNA marker linked to the columnar gene (Co) in apple (Malus domestica) was explored based on the population of 105 progenies of 'Spur Fuji' x 'Telamon' by bulk segregant analysis (BSA) and Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) technique. A total of 300 random primers were screened and a RAPD marker (S1142(682)) closely linked to Co gene (2.86 cM) was(More)
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