Hong-Yi Chen

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The alternative transcription factor σ(B) is responsible for transcription in Staphylococcus aureus during the stress response. Many virulence-associated genes are directly or indirectly regulated by σ(B). We hypothesized that treatment with antibiotics may act as an environmental stressor that induces σ(B) activity in antibiotic-resistant strains. Several(More)
—Proving program termination is key to guaranteeing absence of undesirable behaviour, such as hanging programs and even security vulnerabilities such as denial-of-service attacks. To make termination checks scale to large systems, interprocedural termination analysis seems essential, which is a largely unex-plored area of research in termination analysis,(More)
We show how the problem of nontermination proving can be reduced to a question of underapproximation search guided by a safety prover. This reduction leads to new nontermination proving implementation strategies based on existing tools for safety proving. Our preliminary implementation beats existing tools. Furthermore, our approach leads to easy support(More)
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