Hong-Xuan Zhang

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Sensitivity analysis is an indispensable tool for studying the robustness and fragility properties of biochemical reaction systems as well as for designing optimal approaches for selective perturbation and intervention. Deterministic sensitivity analysis techniques, using derivatives of the system response, have been extensively used in the literature.(More)
In this document, we present several methods for approximating the indices σj and ηj associated with the second-order variance-based sensitivity analysis technique discussed in the Main text. We first review a number of multivariate representation schemes for the response function of a biochemical reaction system that can be used to analytically map the(More)
Dendritic cells (DCs) are important mediators of innate and adaptive immune responses, but the gene networks governing their lineage differentiation and maturation are poorly understood. To gain insight into the mechanisms that promote human DC differentiation and contribute to the acquisition of their functional phenotypes, we performed genome-wide(More)
BACKGROUND Marked variability exists in coronary artery collaterals in patients with ischemic heart disease. Multiple factors are thought to play a role in collateral development; however, the contribution of hypoxia inducible factor-1alpha (HIF-1alpha), which is a transcriptional activator that functions as a master regulator of oxygen homeostasis, is not(More)
Sensitivity analysis is an indispensable tool for the analysis of complex systems. In a recent paper, we have introduced a thermodynamically consistent variance-based sensitivity analysis approach for studying the robustness and fragility properties of biochemical reaction systems under uncertainty in the standard chemical potentials of the activated(More)
Sensitivity analysis is a valuable task for assessing the effects of biological variability on cellular behavior. Available techniques require knowledge of nominal parameter values, which cannot be determined accurately due to experimental uncertainty typical to problems of systems biology. As a consequence, the practical use of existing sensitivity(More)
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