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A genetic interaction network containing approximately 1000 genes and approximately 4000 interactions was mapped by crossing mutations in 132 different query genes into a set of approximately 4700 viable gene yeast deletion mutants and scoring the double mutant progeny for fitness defects. Network connectivity was predictive of function because interactions(More)
Defining the functional relationships between proteins is critical for understanding virtually all aspects of cell biology. Large-scale identification of protein complexes has provided one important step towards this goal; however, even knowledge of the stoichiometry, affinity and lifetime of every protein-protein interaction would not reveal the functional(More)
—There has been a recent trend that video-on-demand (VoD) providers such as Netflix are leveraging resources from cloud services for multimedia streaming. In this paper, we consider the scenario that a VoD provider can make reservations for bandwidth guarantees from cloud service providers to guarantee the streaming performance in each video channel. We(More)
Vertebrate cranial ectodermal placodes are transient, paired thickenings of embryonic head ectoderm that are crucial for the formation of the peripheral sensory nervous system: they give rise to the paired peripheral sense organs (olfactory organs, inner ears and anamniote lateral line system), as well as the eye lenses, and most cranial sensory neurons.(More)
In cloud computing, a provider leases its computing resources in the form of virtual machines to users, and a price is charged for the period they are used. Though static pricing is the dominant pricing strategy in today's market, intuitively price ought to be dynamically updated to improve revenue. The fundamental challenge is to design an optimal dynamic(More)
Given a function f 2 L 2 (Q), Q := [0, 1) 2 and a real number t 0, let U(f , t) := inf g2BV (Q) kf , gk 2 L 2 (I) + t V Q (g), where the infimum is taken over all functions g 2 BV of bounded variation on I. This and related extremal problems arise in several areas of mathematics such as interpolation of operators and statistical estimation, as well as in(More)
Multicast communication, in which the same message is delivered from a source node to an arbitrary number of destination nodes, is being increasingly demanded in parallel computing. System supported multicast services can potentially ooer improved performance, increased functionality, and simpliied programming, and may in turn be used to support various(More)
Caffeine is a methylxanthine present in the coffee tree, tea plant, and other naturally occurring sources and is among the most commonly consumed drugs worldwide. Whereas the pharmacological action of caffeine has been studied extensively, relatively little is known concerning the molecular mechanism through which this substance is detected as a bitter(More)
The Drosophila visual system has provided a model to study phototransduction and retinal degeneration. To identify new candidate proteins that contribute to these processes, we conducted a genome-wide screen for genes expressed predominately in the eye, using DNA microarrays. This screen appeared to be comprehensive as it led to the identification of all 22(More)