Hong Xing-nan

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A very efficient optimization approach which is used to design microwave nonlinear circuits is proposed. In this method, the nonlinear circuit designing is treated as a constrained optimization problem. High efficiency is obtained by step linearizing the nonlinear constraint equation. A comparison example shows that this approach is about ten times faster(More)
To simulate intermodulation distortion of diode mixers, a new analysis method is used, which combines the modified Volterra series representation method with large signal numerical technique, and a new kind of junction capacitance model is also used. The method is simple and efficient, and its analysis results agree with experimental results very well. It(More)
A new generalized FOURIER transform method, which is both accurate and fast for analysing almost periodic steady-state responses of microwave nonlinear circuits, is used to simulated the 3rd-order intermodulation of a GaAs MESFET amplifier. The simulated and measured results quite agree with each other, and the relation between intermodulation and embedding(More)
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