Hong-Xia Shen

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The basic concepts of three branches of game theory, leader-follower, cooperative, and two-person nonzero sum games, are reviewed and applied to the study of the Internet pricing issue. In particular, we emphasize that the cooperative game (also called the bargaining problem) provides an overall picture for the issue. With a simple model for Internet(More)
Two kinds of nanoparticles (gold nanoparticles and Au core Pt shell nanoparticles) on silicon surfaces which were silanization were electrostatically self-assembled. The density of nanoparticles was controlled by changing the time of the substrate immersed in colloids. The substrate was characterized by scanning electron microscope (SEM), and the results(More)
A nonlinear three-dimensional finite element analysis of exterior RC column-to-steel beam (RCS) connection is performed by ANSYS finite element software. The numerical results, including the lateral load-drift relationship, lateral load-joint shear distortion relationship, shear stress distribution and effective width of the steel web at the last(More)
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