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Membrane nanotubes can facilitate direct intercellular communication between cells and provide a unique channel for intercellular transfer of cellular contents. However, the transport mechanisms of membrane nanotubes remain poorly understood between cancer cells. Also largely unknown is the transport pattern mediated by membrane nanotubes. In this work,(More)
We present a novel fluorescent aptasensor for simple and accurate detection of adenosine deaminase (ADA) activity and inhibition on the basis of graphene oxide (GO) using adenosine (AD) as the substrate. This aptasensor consists of a dye-labeled single-stranded AD specific aptamer, GO and AD. The fluorescence intensity of the dye-labeled AD specific aptamer(More)
Quantum dots (QDs) probes were used to tag and trace cancer biomarkers in cancer tissues based on the system of home-made Hadamard transform (HT) spectral microscopic imaging, which can be applied to provide high-resolution fluorescence spectrum and image of single cells and tissues. In situ fluorescence imaging for cancer marker proteins, such as estrogen(More)
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