Hong Wooi Teoh

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Recent studies propose that limited investor attention causes market underreactions. This paper directly tests this explanation by measuring the information load faced by investors. The investor distraction hypothesis holds that extraneous news inhibits market reactions to relevant news. We find that the immediate price and volume reaction to a firm’s(More)
Two contrasting intertidal habitats on the western Sabah coast (Malaysia), one is a rocky-sandy-mud flat at Sepangar (N6°02′18.57″; E116°06′40.07″) and the other is a mangrove foreshore at Sulaman (N6°15′33.00″; E116°18′49.80″), are characterized by substrate zonation and homogeneous substrate (mud), respectively. Hermit crabs are one of the most(More)
Two species of sympatric hermit crab, Diogenes moosai Rahayu & Forest, 1995 and D. lopochir Morgan, 1989, spatially defined in the Matang mangrove estuary, and facing high mortality due to tidal emersion, predation and competition are hypothesised to adopt different reproductive strategies for successful recruitment. The crabs were sampled by a small otter(More)
The versatile hermit crabs, Diogenes moosai and Diogenes lopochir, are hypothesised to utilise multiple primary sources of energy in the coastal mudflat. Stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes were analysed to determine the primary sources of nutrition (mangrove, benthic microalgae and phytoplankton) and trophic contribution of mudflat hermit crabs to fish(More)
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