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AIM To investigate the anti-tumor effects of α-mangostin, a major xanthone identified in the pericarp of mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana Linn), against human gastric adenocarcinoma cells in vitro, and the mechanisms of the effects. METHODS Human gastric adenocarcinoma cell lines BGC-823 and SGC-7901 were treated with α-mangostin. The cell viability was(More)
Based on TCP protocol, this paper aims at TCP flows, discusses the effects of multivariate correlation analysis on network traffic, obtains the quantitative relationship between different types of TCP packets in each time unit by correlation coefficient matrix, and finally proposes an anomaly detection and analysis method based on the correlation(More)
Prenatal diagnosis of fetal congenital heart disease (CHD) has been shown to have a significant effect on prenatal and postnatal management and outcomes. However, the factors influencing the diagnostic accuracy and which pregnant trimester is the most adaptive for fetal heart disease remain uncertain despite of extensive researches. The aim of the present(More)
The structure parameters of four screens such as the parallelism, angles between the screens in four-light-screen optical target affect the precision of measurement results. This paper puts forward a method of structure parameters measurement by means of adopting vertical boards. Laser aiming devices provided in the both ends of transmitters and receivers(More)
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