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Prostatitis causes substantial morbidity to men, through associated urinary symptoms, sexual dysfunction, and pelvic pain; however, 90% to 95% of cases have an unknown etiology. Inflammation is associated with the development of carcinoma, and, therefore, it is imperative to identify and study the causes of prostatitis to improve our understanding of this(More)
The authentication of olive oil and its adulteration with lower priced oils are still serious problems in the olive oil industry. In this study, a method based on the intensity ratio of the Raman spectroscopy vibration bands, especially on the intensity ratio of the cis ( ==C-H) and cis (C=C) bonds normalized by the band at 1441 cm(-1) (CH(2)), was(More)
During development, cell differentiation is accompanied by the progressive loss of pluripotent gene expression and developmental potential, although de-differentiation in specialized cells can be induced by reprogramming strategies, indicating that transdifferentiation potential is retained in adult cells. The stromal niche provides differentiating cues to(More)
Activin A is a potent growth and differentiation factor whose synthesis and bioactivity are tightly regulated. Both follistatin binding and inhibin subunit heterodimerization block access to the activin receptor and/or receptor activation. We postulated that the activin-beta(C) subunit provides another mechanism regulating activin bioactivity. To test our(More)
BACKGROUND Knowledge of preanalytic conditions that biospecimens are subjected to is critically important because novel surgical procedures, tissue sampling, handling, and storage might affect biomarker expression or invalidate tissue samples as analytes for some technologies. METHODS We investigated differences in RNA quality, gene expression by(More)