Hong Wang

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Noise artifacts are one of the key obstacles in applying continuous monitoring and conrputer-assisted analysis of lung sounds. Traditional adaptive noise cancellation (ANC) methodologies work reasonably well when signal and noise are stationary and independent. Clinical lung sound auscultation encounters an acoustic environment in which breath sounds are(More)
This article examines the potential of the Cell processor as a platform for secure data mining on the future volunteer computing systems. Volunteer computing platforms have the potential to provide massive computing power. However, privacy and security concerns prevent using volunteer computing for data mining of sensitive data. The Cell processor comes(More)
One of the outstanding advancements in electronic-structure density-functional methods is the Sankey–Niklewski (SN) approach [Sankey and Niklewski, Phys. Rev. B 40, 3979 (1989)]; a method for computing total energies and forces, within an ab initio tight-binding formalism. Over the past two decades, several improvements to the method have been proposed and(More)
In this paper, an extended linearized neural state space (ELNSS) topology is proposed, where an ELNSS based modeling and cont rol strategy for a class of nonlinear systems is presented. In terms of the modeling, the extended Kalman filter (EKF) algorithm is used to train the parameters inside the ELNSS model, where a high order correlation method is applied(More)
The advanced medium-throughput NanoString nCounter technology has been increasingly used for mRNA or miRNA differential expression (DE) studies due to its advantages including direct measurement of molecule expression levels without amplification, digital readout and superior applicability to formalin fixed paraffin embedded samples. However, the analysis(More)
Based on trust measurement, a new cross-domain access control model is proposed to improve the security performance of the cross-domain access control processes. This model integrates the trust management and trusted platform measurement, defines several concepts (user trust degree, platform configuration integrity and intra/inter-domain trust degree) and(More)
The aims of this study were to identify arteriographic manifestations of acute renal hemorrhage and to evaluate the efficacy of emergency embolization. Emergency renal artery angiography was performed on 83 patients with acute renal hemorrhage. As soon as bleeding arteries were identified, emergency embolization was performed using gelatin sponge, polyvinyl(More)