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We develop an ELLAM (Eulerian-Lagrangian localized adjoint method) scheme to solve two-dimensional advection-diiusion equations with all combinations of innow and outtow Dirichlet, Neumann, and ux boundary conditions. The ELLAM formalism provides a systematic framework for implementation of general boundary conditions, leading to mass-conservative numerical(More)
The symmetric encryption problem which manifests itself when two parties must securely transmit a message m with a short shared secret key is considered in conjunction with a computationally unbounded adversary. As the adversary is unbounded, any encryption scheme must leak information about m; in particular, the mutual information between m and its(More)
Infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) strain H120 was successfully rescued as infectious clone by reverse genetics. Thirteen 1.5-2.8 kb fragments contiguously spanning the virus genome were amplified and cloned into pMD19-T. Transcription grade complete length cDNA was acquired by a modified "No See'm" ligation strategy, which employed restriction enzyme Bsa I(More)
The yellow dwarf disease associated with phytoplasmas is one of the most devastating diseases of mulberry and the pathogenesis involved in the disease is poorly understood. To analyze the molecular mechanisms mediating gene expression in mulberry-phytoplasma interaction, the comprehensive sRNA changes of mulberry leaf in response to phytoplasma-infection(More)
This paper focused on the development of the Hamiltonian theory and building Hamiltonian model, especially power system. To obtain better control result of Hamiltonian system, adaptive control and energy-balancing-based control are considered. Combined those two methods with Hamiltonian control system, by using simulation, the performing result can be(More)
Some nonlinear weakly singular integral inequalities in two variables which generalize some known results are discussed. The results can be used as powerful tools in the analysis of certain classes of differential equations, integral equations, and evolution equations. An example is presented to show boundedness of solution of a differential equation here.