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The symmetric encryption problem which manifests itself when two parties must securely transmit a message m with a short shared secret key is considered in conjunction with a computationally unbounded adversary. As the adversary is unbounded, any encryption scheme must leak information about m; in particular, the mutual information between m and its(More)
An asteroid landing trajectory optimization method is studied based on Gauss Pseudo-spectral. Firstly, we analyze the characteristics of probe landing on asteroid, and put forward the initial conditions, process constraints, terminal constraints and the optimization performance index. The probe's landing trajectory optimization should meet the index.(More)
Some nonlinear weakly singular integral inequalities in two variables which generalize some known results are discussed. The results can be used as powerful tools in the analysis of certain classes of differential equations, integral equations, and evolution equations. An example is presented to show boundedness of solution of a differential equation here.
  • H. W. Wang
  • 2010
In this paper we consider a new scheduling model with learning effect, in which the actual processing time of a job is a function of the total normal processing times of the jobs already processed and of the job's scheduled position. We show that the single machine problems to minimize the makespan and the total completion time are polynomially solvable. In(More)
We develop an ELLAM (Eulerian-Lagrangian localized adjoint method) scheme to solve two-dimensional advection-diiusion equations with all combinations of innow and outtow Dirichlet, Neumann, and ux boundary conditions. The ELLAM formalism provides a systematic framework for implementation of general boundary conditions, leading to mass-conservative numerical(More)