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This paper describes the voice source localization algorithm used in the PictureTel automatic camera pointing system (LimeLight T M , Dynamic Speech Locating Technology). The system uses an array of 46cm wide and 30cm high, which contains 4 microphones, and is mounted on top of the monitor. The three dimensional position of a sound source is calculated from(More)
We develop an Eulerian–Lagrangian localized adjoint method (ELLAM) to solve two-dimensional advection-diffusion equations with all combinations of inflow and outflow Dirichlet, Neumann, and flux boundary conditions. The ELLAM formalism provides a systematic framework for implementation of general boundary conditions, leading to mass-conservative numerical(More)
This paper proposes explicit formulae for the addition step and doubling step in Miller's algorithm to compute Tate pairing on Ja-cobi quartic curves. We present a geometric interpretation of the group law on Jacobi quar-tic curves, which leads to formulae for Miller's algorithm. The doubling step formula is competitive with that for Weierstrass curves and(More)