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This paper describes the voice source localization algorithm used in the PictureTel automatic camera pointing system (LimeLight T M , Dynamic Speech Locating Technology). The system uses an array of 46cm wide and 30cm high, which contains 4 microphones, and is mounted on top of the monitor. The three dimensional position of a sound source is calculated from(More)
We develop an Eulerian–Lagrangian localized adjoint method (ELLAM) to solve two-dimensional advection-diffusion equations with all combinations of inflow and outflow Dirichlet, Neumann, and flux boundary conditions. The ELLAM formalism provides a systematic framework for implementation of general boundary conditions, leading to mass-conservative numerical(More)
In this paper a direct adaptive neural-network control strategy for unknown nonlinear systems is presented. The system considered is described by an unknown NARMA model, and a feedforward neural network is used to learn the system. Taking the neural network as a neural model of the system, control signals are directly obtained by minimizing either the(More)
MOTIVATION Complex diseases are generally thought to be under the influence of one or more mutated risk genes as well as genetic and environmental factors. Many traditional methods have been developed to identify susceptibility genes assuming a single-gene disease model ('single-locus methods'). Pathway-based approaches, combined with traditional methods,(More)
Mobile computing is characterized by frequent disconnection, limited communication capability, narrow bandwidth, etc. Caching can play a vital role in mobile computing by reducing the amount of data transferred. In order to reuse caches after short disconnections, invalidation reports are broadcasted to clients to help update/invalidate their caches.(More)