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—A distributed virtual walkthrough environment allows users connected to the geometry server to walk through a specific place of interest, without having to travel physically. This place of interest may be a virtual museum, virtual library or virtual university. There are two basic approaches to distribute the virtual environment from the geometry server to(More)
Previous research on broadcast databases in a mobile computing environment utilizing wireless channels has been focused on mechanisms for a mobile client to selectively pick database items in which the client is interested from a broadcast channel. The fundamental issue of identifying the appropriate database items for broadcast or refrained from being(More)
Caching of remote data in a mobile client's local storage can improve data access performance and data availability. Traditional approaches are page-based, without taking advantage of the semantics of cached data. It is difficult for a client to determine if a query could be answered entirely based on locally cached data, forcing it to contact the database(More)
Caching is a key technique for improving the data retrieval performance of mobile clients in mobile environments. The emergence of robust and reliable peer-to-peer (P2P) technologies now brings to reality what we call "cooperative caching " in which mobile clients can access data items from the cache in their neighboring peers. We discuss cooperative(More)
— In a mobile cooperative caching environment, we observe the need for cooperating peers to cache useful data items together, so as to improve cache hit from peers. This could be achieved by capturing the data requirement of individual peers in conjunction with their mobility pattern, for which we realized via a GROup-based COoperative CAching scheme(More)
Introduction This is my personal " summary in 337 one-liners " of A Survey in Indexing and Searching XML Documents by Luk et al. (2002) [1]. I focus on technical aspects, omitting all system names and references. In my opinion, one cannot learn any technique from the survey: it only mentions various techniques but does not explain any. Alas, my 337(More)
ld~~ces in networkg tetiology and the mtabkhtnent of the Morrnation Superhighway have rendered the virtnd Xbrary a concrete possibfi~. ?iTeze currently investigating user &\Terience in _ through a large virtual environment in the contti% of bternet. This provid~ users with the abiity to view t+ous virtual objects from tirent & t anca and angles, using(More)
Recovery from failures can be achieved through asyn-chronous checkpointing and optimistic message logging. These schemes have low overheads during failure-free operations. Central to these protocols is the determination of a maximal consistent global state, which is recoverable. Message semantics is not exploited in most existing recovery protocols to(More)