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With an increase in the number of travelers around the world in recent years, widespread efforts to control the human-transmissible influenza and increased surveillance among poultry and humans should be given the highest priority. The purpose of this article is to describe an examination of the passengers traveling via "mini links" from Xiamen (China) to(More)
Members of supply chain carry inventory for different purposes. To effectively reduce the cost of inventory, information sharing mechanism is the key. The inventory can be managed in two ways in supply chain systems. The first one is the centralized inventory management system, in which, the information of inventory is highly exchanged among supply chain(More)
Employers frequently select an employee among numerous candidates. They have to evaluate these candidates by multiple criteria that raise the problem of how to determinate the relative importance of these criteria. Traditionally, when engaging a new employee, the employer will develop a set of criteria and their associate weightings according with its(More)
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