Hong Tao Liu

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UNLABELLED N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors are important components of pain processing. Ketamine and Mg2+ block NMDA receptors and might therefore be useful analgesics, and combinations of Mg2+ and ketamine provide more effective analgesia. We investigated their interactions at NMDA receptors. Xenopus oocytes, expressing NR1/NR2A or NR1/NR2B glutamate(More)
The anesthesiologists from both the United States and China had an open and engaging discussion on intraoperative monitoring of cerebral perfusion and ischemia at the social media – WeChat International Chinese Academy of Anesthesiology (ICAA, www.icaahq.org) group. This discussion is presented here to showcase the role the modern social media plays in(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the effect of chronic noise exposure on expression of N-methyl-D-aspartic acid receptor 2B (NR2B) and tau phosphorylation in hippocampus of rats. METHODS Twenty-four male SD rats were divided in control group and chronic noise exposure group. NR2B expression and tau phosphorylation in hippocampus of rats were detected after chronic(More)
OBJECTIVES To study applying auditory brainstem reaction (ABR) to monitor the general anesthesia depth and awaken degree in children as an objective guide. METHODS Forty-five infant or children patients, American Society of Anesthesiologists(ASA) graded I-II, with normal audition, were selected and divided into 3 groups (15 cases per group) to receive(More)
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