Hong-Sien Kwee

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Development of the female gametophyte involves several rounds of nuclear divisions during which nuclei are rearranged and finally cellularized to form a mature seven-celled embryo sac. During these nuclear divisions, key proteins involved in the cell cycle need to be degraded quickly in order to facilitate both the metaphase-anaphase transition stage and(More)
A 20%–25% yield of isolated and living embryo sacs of Petunia hybrida L. was obtained using an enzymatic maceration mixture containing 3% driselase (soluble fraction only), 0.1% MES buffer, pH 5.5, and 8% mannitol. For each maceration ± 450 ovules were incubated in 1 ml enzyme solution for 2 h at 30° C in a shaking waterbath (150 rpm). Subsequently, the(More)
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