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Understanding evolutionary interactions among crops and weeds can facilitate effective weed management. For example, gene flow from crops to their wild or weedy relatives can lead to rapid evolution in recipient populations. In rice (Oryza sativa), transgenic herbicide resistance is expected to spread to conspecific weedy rice (Oryza sativa f. spontanea)(More)
By analyzing the development of Wuhan city and the change of Wuhan’s lake resource, this paper gained the results that the main reasons of lake atrophy are large area of lake filling ,the industrial sewage and the house refuse contaminating and negative effects of putting up dykes,and among them the most outstanding one is the invading and occupying(More)
  • Jung Yh, Ha Rr, +8 authors Camfield Da
  • 2014
Julibroside C1 is a saponin-containing compound isolated from Albizzia julibrissin Durazz. In this study, we investigated the putative anxiolytic effects of Julibroside C1 using the elevated plus maze (EPM) in mice. Julibroside C1 at doses of 0.5 and 1 mg/kg significantly increased the time spent in the open arms and the number of entries into the open arms(More)
Arc plasma, as non-uniform plasma, has complicated energy and mass transport processes in its internal, so plasma temperature measurement is of great significance. Compared with absolute spectral line intensity method and standard temperature method, Boltzmann plot measuring is more accurate and convenient. Based on the Boltzmann theory, the present paper(More)
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