Hong-Shian Huang

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A test method for the determination of Escherichia coli in plant materials with the MUG (Fluorocult)-lauryl sulfate broth is described. It was found that more than 75% of the commonly used vegetable drugs exhibit fluorescence quench effects to different degrees when determining E. coli with the MUG-lauryl sulfate broth. Therefore a simple combination of two(More)
Gabapentin is known to undergo intramolecular cyclization to form a lactam (gaba-l) with concomitant loss of water. Gabapentin was milled in a planetary mill for 15–60 min. Unmilled and milled gabapentin were stored at 50°C with relative humidity ranged between 5% and 90%. The unmilled and milled samples were assayed for gabapentin and gaba-l by reversed(More)
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