Hong-Sheng Chen

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We have systematically investigated the wideband slow light in two-dimensional material graphene, revealing that graphene exhibits much larger slow light capability than other materials. The slow light performances including material dispersion, bandwidth, dynamic control ability, delay-bandwidth product, propagation loss, and group-velocity dispersion are(More)
This study describes the requirement of lower limb disabled children. Lower limb disabled children that limit their movement in nowadays environment. Ubiquitous computing concept is more popular now. This research uses tangible user interface to be a toy accompanying children at home, combine ubiquitous computing concept to help them control the electronic(More)
Towards the hybrid feature indexing of hierarchically organized mobile objects. Abstract: With the rapid advances of wireless communication and positioning techniques, tracking the positions of mobile objects is becoming increasingly feasible and necessary. Traditional spatial index structures are not suitable for indexing mobile objects because of numerous(More)
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