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Topological Representations and Characteristics of Variable Kinematic Joints
There exist some mechanisms with variable topologies that have interesting applications, for examples, legged walking machines, mechanical push-button stopper locks, and various toys. A variableExpand
Creative Design of Mechanical Devices
Introduction.- Mechanical Devices.- Engineering Creativity.- Rational Problem Solving.- Creative Techniques.- Creative Design Methodology.- Generalization.- Generalized Chains.- Kinematic Chains.-Expand
Optimal Synthesis of Cam-Linkage Mechanisms for Precise Path Generation
The paper proposes a method for the optimal synthesis of planar mechanisms, where a combination of cams and linkages is used in order to obtain a precise path generation. As a first step, based onExpand
On the Dead-Center Positions of Planar Linkage Mechanisms
In dead-center positions, a mechanism loses its mobility and has zero mechanical advantage. Based on the concept of instant centers, we develop a methodology to generate planar linkage mechanisms inExpand
A methodology for creative mechanism design
This paper summarizes the author's research efforts in the creative design of mechanisms in the past years. A design methodology is presented for the generation of all possible design concepts ofExpand
Reconfiguration principles and strategies for reconfigurable mechanisms
It has been perceived that the reconfigurable mechanism has gradually evolved attractive paradigms for studying the mechanism and machine science towards an overwhelming new direction. More and moreExpand
The specialization of mechanisms
Abstract A methodology is presented, based on combinatorial theory, for complete enumerating non-isomorphic specialized mechanisms precisely from a specified kinematic chain. An algorithm for findingExpand
Representations and identifications of structural and motion state characteristics of mechanisms with variable topologies
A mechanism that encounters a certain changes in its topological structure during operation is called a mechanism with variable topologies (MVT). This paper is developed for the structural and motionExpand
Reconstruction Designs Of Lost Ancient Chinese Machinery
Mechanism and Machine.- Ancient Chinese Machines.- Reconstruction Design Methodology.- Zhang Heng's Seismoscope.- Su Song's Escapement Regulator.- South-pointing Chariots.- Walking Machines.