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This paper presents a modified pulse-coupled neural network (MPCNN) model for real-time collision-free path planning of mobile robots in nonstationary environments. The proposed neural network for robots is topologically organized with only local lateral connections among neurons. It works in dynamic environments and requires no prior knowledge of target or(More)
Blogs are difficult to categorize by humans and machines alike, because they are written in a capricious style. In the early days of web, directories maintain by humans could not keep up millions the websites; likewise, blog directories cannot keep up with the explosive growth of the blogsphere. This paper investigates the efficacy of using machine learning(More)
Shortest path tree (SPT) computation is a critical issue for routers using link-state routing protocols, such as the most commonly used open shortest path first and intermediate system to intermediate system. Each router needs to recompute a new SPT rooted from itself whenever a change happens in the link state. Most commercial routers do this computation(More)
—The columnar competitive model (CCM) has been recently proposed to solve the traveling salesman problem. This method performs much better than the original Hopfield network in terms of both the number and the quality of valid solutions. However, the local minima is still an open unsolved issue. This paper studies the performance of the CCM and aims to(More)
The number of people using cameraphones is growing by tens of millions every month. Yet the majority of cameraphone users have difficulty transferring photos off their phone and sharing them with others. <i>PhotoRouter</i> is a software application for cameraphones that makes the photo sharing process destination-centric by allowing users to focus on who(More)