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Mesial temporal lobe epilepsy is associated with structural and functional abnormalities, such as hippocampal sclerosis and axonal reorganization. The temporal evolution of these changes remains to be determined, and there is a need for in vivo imaging techniques that can uncover the epileptogenic processes at an early stage. Manganese-enhanced magnetic(More)
Blogs are difficult to categorize by humans and machines alike, because they are written in a capricious style. In the early days of web, directories maintain by humans could not keep up millions the websites; likewise, blog directories cannot keep up with the explosive growth of the blogsphere. This paper investigates the efficacy of using machine learning(More)
Cells without Bak and Bax are largely resistant to apoptosis, despite the presence of other key components of the apoptotic machinery. We screened 7,800 natural compounds and found several that could specifically induce caspase activation and the release of cytochrome c (cyto c) in the bak(-/-)/bax(-/-) cells. One of these was gossypol, a polyphenolic(More)
BACKGROUND In eukaryotes, the cell is divided into several compartments enclosed by unitary membranes. Such compartmentalization is critical for cells to restrict different pathways to be carried out in different subcellular regions. The summary and classification of subcellular localizations of metabolic pathways are the first steps towards understanding(More)
Pyruvate recycling was studied in primary cultures of mouse cerebrocortical astrocytes, GABAergic cerebrocortical interneurons, and co-cultures consisting of both cell types by measuring production of [4-(13)C]glutamate from [3-(13)C]glutamate by aid of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. This change in the position of the label can only occur by entry(More)
This paper presents a modified pulse-coupled neural network (MPCNN) model for real-time collision-free path planning of mobile robots in nonstationary environments. The proposed neural network for robots is topologically organized with only local lateral connections among neurons. It works in dynamic environments and requires no prior knowledge of target or(More)
BACKGROUND Rate-limiting enzymes, because of their relatively low velocity, are believed to influence metabolic flux in pathways. To investigate their regulatory role in metabolic networks, we look at the global organization and interactions between rate-limiting enzymes and compounds such as branch point metabolites and enzyme inhibitors in human liver. (More)
Glutamate exists in a vesicular as well as a cytoplasmic pool and is metabolically closely related to the tricarboxylic acid (TCA) cycle. Glutamate released during neuronal activity is most likely to a large extent accumulated by astrocytes surrounding the synapse. A compensatory flux from astrocytes to neurons of suitable precursors is obligatory as(More)
—The columnar competitive model (CCM) has been recently proposed to solve the traveling salesman problem. This method performs much better than the original Hopfield network in terms of both the number and the quality of valid solutions. However, the local minima is still an open unsolved issue. This paper studies the performance of the CCM and aims to(More)