Hong-Qiao Hu

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Patches of ionization are common in the polar ionosphere, where their motion and associated density gradients give variable disturbances to high-frequency (HF) radio communications, over-the-horizon radar location errors, and disruption and errors to satellite navigation and communication. Their formation and evolution are poorly understood, particularly(More)
We report the continuous monitoring of a polar cap patch, encompassing its creation, and a subsequent evolution that differs from the classic behavior. The patch was formed from the stormenhanced density plume, by segmentation associated with a subauroral polarization stream generated by a substorm. Its initial antisunwardmotion was halted due to a rapidly(More)
Based on the weak scattering theory and assumed that the behaviour of ionospheric plasma turbulence influences on the VHF signals can be simulated by a series of phase changing diffraction screen models. In this article, by using the model, the formulas of the intensity scintillation index and the phase variance of the signal are derived and discussed.(More)
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