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This paper describes a novel technique for embedding watermark bits into digital audio signals. The proposed method is based on the patchwork algorithm on the wavelet domain and does not need the original audio signal in the watermark detection. It uses the wavelet transform generated by the low-pass analysis filter hn whose length is 2 and h0 = h1 = 1 to(More)
We improve Wang's characterization for a pair of biorthogonal wavelets to be associated with biorthogonal multiresolution analyses (MRA's). We show that one of the two conditions in his characterization is redundant, and, along the way, show that for a pair of biorthogonal wavelets to be associated with biorthogonal MRA's it is necessary and suÆcient that(More)
Constrained dipeptide mimetic templates were designed to mimic the secondary structure of peptides in a beta-strand conformation. Two templates corresponding to the D-Phe-Pro portion of the thrombin inhibitor D-Phe-Pro-ArgCH2Cl were synthesized and converted into nine alpha-ketoamide and alpha-ketoheterocycle inhibitors of thrombin. Additionally, a template(More)
Various equivalent conditions under which a frame is a Riesz basis of a separable Hilbert space are known. See [8] among others, for instance. We add two new conditions to the list. They are inspired by the projection method proposed in [2], which approximates frame coefficients by using finite subsets of a frame. Our main approach is to transcribe anything(More)
A series of P2-modified, orally active peptidic inhibitors of human neutrophil elastase (HNE) are reported. These pentafluoroethyl ketone-based inhibitors were designed using pentafluoroethyl ketone 1 as a model. Rational structural modifications were made at the P3, P2, and activating group (AG) portions of 1 based on structure-activity relationships (SAR)(More)