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As data sharing and integration has the properties of data heterogeneity, semantic relationship, dynamicity, and immediate efficiency, dataspace has been proposed as a data management approach for diverse applications. This paper introduces a framework of constructing a dataspace based on metadata and ontology, especially for complicated scientific data(More)
Dataset interlinking is a great important problem in Linked Data. We consider this problem from the perspective of information retrieval in this paper, thus propose a learning to rank based framework, which combines various similarity measures to retrieve the relevant datasets for a given dataset. Specifically, inspired by the idea of collaborative(More)
Recent advance in the space application has increased the requirements for more real-time and reliable on-board computation. Running in a harsh space environment, on-board computers could suffer transient faults, such as single event upset (SEU) frequently. Reloading tasks or rebooting system may recover these faults, but they have seriously effects on(More)
Mapping relational database schema to ontology is a critical task for ontology-based heterogeneous database integration. This paper proposes a hybrid approach combining element-level and structure-level techniques to discover the correspondences between relational database schema and ontology. In the process of element-level matching, string-based and Word(More)
In order to be considered as Linked Data, the datasets on the web must be linked to other datasets. Current studies on dataset interlinking prediction researches do not distinguish the type of links, which are of less help for real application scenarios, as dataset publishers still do not know what kinds of RDF links can be established and furthermore how(More)
To integrate model transformation technology in agent-oriented software engineering is helpful to improve the quality and efficiency of agent-based software development, and therefore to make AOSE to be widely adopted by researchers and practitioners in software engineering community. This paper integrates model transformation technology into an(More)
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