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With the deployment of two ways HFC network and the development of digital TV, more and more interactive applications are being developed based on bi-directional HFC network. And the implementation of interactive cable set-top-box of digital TV is one of key component, which offers various interactive services based on TV display. In this paper, we(More)
Computer algebra systems such as Maple [2] and Mathematica [12] are good at symbolic computation, while theorem proving systems such as Coq [11] and pvs [9] are well-developed for creating formal proofs. However, people are searching for a mechanized mathematics system which can provide highly integrated symbolic computation and formal deduction(More)
With the popularity of broadband networks and development of digital home equipments, high-quality services in home network demand higher performance. However, the heterogeneous network and lack of effective end-to-end QoS mechanism in home network are major problems to develop high-quality services. In this paper, driven by high-quality services(More)
The paper proposes a converged architecture of home network and IMS based on home IMS gateway, gaping their heterogeneity and implementing convergence on data plane, control plane and management plane. Aiming at issues of interoperation, QoS and mobility, the architecture provides solution schemes, respectively. Through its implementation of modularized(More)
The next generation digital video broadcasting network of China will aim at connections of regional metropolises, which introduces problems of content protection among operators. So it is crucial to solve the problem of stream media services for encrypted programs. This paper proposes a time-shifted TV scheme for encrypted DVB programs, in which linear(More)
—Caching can improve the browser's efficiency, this paper proposes one distributed sharing model of the browser cache: each end-host's address and the website URL address are mapped to the identical key space, the storing information of the shared cache mapped to key k is saved on the same key k mapped end-host; it also presents a distributed lookup(More)
In this paper, we study the network data collection problem for high-quality status observation and management purposes. Traditional data collection strategy typically uses static configuration, which may not only take too much network resources, but hardly reflect the data change trend accurately. To this end, we propose a novel two-dimension adaptive data(More)
Bandwidth smoothing can increase the utility of network bandwidth by reducing the burstiness of a VBR (variable bit rate) video stream. To guarantee the quality of service of video-on-command service in home network, data transmission rate should not exceed the maximum data handling capacity of embedded terminals. This paper designs a streaming media system(More)