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With Web 2.0 advances, social computing has become an emerging research field in the past decade. This article analyzes the characteristics of social computing research from both static and dynamic perspectives. First, the authors present the overlapping relationships of content represented by keywords as of 2011. Next, they show the dynamics of social(More)
This paper introduces four kinds of definition of type-2 fuzzy sets(T2 FS), and provides their difference and connection, then presents a new definition of type-2 fuzzy set to make it to be understood more easily, In finial, we modify the definition and formula of footprint of uncertainty (FOU) of T2 FS and give the relation of FOU and T2 FS.
In the paper, a scheme is proposed to predict whether the new employees could match their jobs or not, and discrete interval type-2 fuzzy set on time-varying universe is used for evaluating the experts' view of the employees' performance. The evaluation results are sent into a BP neural network to get the predicted value. Finally, the Markov model is(More)
Reasonable timing design for traffic light can induce and maintain the transportation systems in good order. How to allocate the time are the keys. In the paper, the theory of time-varying universe is used to describe the circle time, and corresponding fuzzy sets on the universe are also discussed to modeling the situation of traffic flow, then the parallel(More)
In this paper, principles of management systems are being converted to the corresponding fuzzy logic rule, and the behavior of employees can be predicted in the parallel systems, at the same time, the principles of management systems are modified and improved continuously and then form dynamic fuzzy rule base bank, at last the linguistic dynamic orbits of(More)
In order to meet the needs of different drivers on the parking fees, the distance from parking lot to the destination, as well as the individual needs of evaluation of the parking lot, by the analysis of driver's personal preference and parking behavior, the evaluation of the choice of parking lot is provided in this paper. Finally, by the type-2 fuzzy(More)
In China, the traffic police's micro-bo provides instant information for travelers and helps drivers to avoid congested roads. Management rules and laws, which are compatible with the traffic situation, help to maintain the road traffic order, improve traffic flow smoothness, and prevent traffic-related accidents. Formulating reasonable rules and laws is(More)