Hong-Minh Barker

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For a sustained infection, enteric bacterial pathogens must evade, resist or tolerate a variety of antimicrobial host defence peptides and proteins. We report here that specific organic acids protect stationary-phase Escherichia coli and Salmonella cells from killing by a potent antimicrobial peptide derived from the human(More)
BACKGROUND It is known that a small number of patients with mental health problems have chronic disorders and account for a disproportionate amount of mental health costs. This randomized controlled trial evaluated the cost-effectiveness of psychodynamic-interpersonal therapy vs treatment as usual in patients with mental health problems who were(More)
The paper defines a Terrain Scanning Methodology (TSM) for undertaking a health check of individual businesses and whole supply chains in the construction industry. Building on previous research in a variety of market sectors the TSM aims to minimise resources required in undertaking a diagnostic while still allowing a high degree of scope. The TSM takes(More)
Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis indicated that maize streak (MSV) and cassava latent (CLV) viruses each contain one species of protein and two of RNA. The estimated protein mol. wt is 28000 for MSV and 34000 for CLV. The mol. wts obtained for the two RNA species using formamide-containing gels were the same for the two viruses: 1-7 X 10(6) and 1-3 X(More)
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