Hong-Min Zhu

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As a certain case in the domain of human actions, hand gestures can be expressed by the motion of user's hand to provide nature interaction information in many applications. This paper proposed a hand gesture recognition system based on sparse 3D interest point detector, the spatial-temporal filtering achieved by separable linear Gaussian-Gabor filters(More)
Esophagitis is a condition of inflammation of the esophageal mucosa, which is also called as acid reflux disease. The cause maybe be due to slackness of the lower esophageal sphintcer which allows acidic contents of the food from stomach to esophagus. Esophagitis is detected by observing the esophagus by video endoscopy of the Upper Gastro-Intestinal tract.(More)
We propose a human action recognition solution from the human's skeletal information. The angular representation of the skeleton shows its invariance to the scale of the actor and the orientation to the camera, while it maintains the correlation among different body parts. A modified Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) as a template matching solution is applied to(More)
As a certain case in the domain of human actions, hand gestures can be expressed by the motion of user's hand to provide nature interaction in many applications. In this paper we proposed a real-time hand gesture recognition system based on robust hand tracking from depth image sequences. Using hidden markov models (HMM) with varying states, gesture models(More)
To translate the gesture performed by the user in a video sequence into meaningful symbols/commands, feature extraction is the first and most crucial step in such systems which measures the detected hand positions and its movement track. We propose an efficient approach based on inter-frame difference (IDF) to handle the hand movement tracking, which is(More)
We propose an adaptive and robust superpixel based hand gesture tracking system, in which hand gestures drawn in free air are recognized from their motion trajectories. First we employed the motion detection of superpixels and unsupervised image segmentation to detect the moving target hand using the first few frames of the input video sequence. Then the(More)
In this paper we propose a novel approach for image segmentation using adaptive tree-structured wavelet transform for texture analysis. We first split the input image into NxN blocks, calculate the distances between neighbor blocks by the energy signatures of the wavelet coefficients of the adaptive tree-structured wavelet transform of each block. Then we(More)
Image segmentation is an important processing step in many image, video and computer vision applications especially in medical field. Extensive research has been done in creating many different approaches and algorithms for image segmentation, but it is still difficult to assess whether one algorithm produces more accurate segmentations than the other. Up(More)
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