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The objective is to present a practical method of implementing a beamforming module with a general-purpose digital signal processor. The proposed module provides a beam-pattern that has its maximum gain along the direction of a target mobile subscriber using real-time processing. The new technique utilizes a modified CGM (conjugate gradient method) in such(More)
Interference reduction is vital for being able to effectively communicate with mobile users. In order to provide line of sight communications and continual coverage to the remote users. One approach to increasing capacity and coverage zones for the servicing wireless station is to use smart antennas. Sophisticated adaptive beamforming techniques can be(More)
To effectively evaluate and analyze R&D performance, it is necessary to measure the relative importance of performance analysis factors and quantitative analysis methods that consider the objectivity and relevance of detail factors that constitute performance evaluation. This study suggests a framework for R&D performance evaluations by computing weights(More)
In order to reduce the traffic problems in mobile communication network, the mobile communication system at base stations should use spatial filtering techniques This can be achieved by using Adaptive antenna system at base station. Adaptive antenna system works on two algorithms DOA and ABF, these algorithms have to be optimized in order to achieve better(More)
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