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At a certain point in development, axons in the mammalian central nervous system lose their ability to regenerate after injury. Using the optic nerve model, we show that this growth failure coincides with two developmental events: the loss of Bcl-2 expression by neurons and the maturation of astrocytes. Before postnatal day 4, when astrocytes are immature,(More)
<b>Introduction</b> The research community has long and often been fervently keen on debating the topic of journal impact. Well, just what is the impact of a journal? Today, the Science Citation Index (SCI) recognizes over 7,000 journals. The sheer number of available journals renders it pivotal for researchers to accurately gauge a journal's impact when(More)
Journal-Ranking.com is perhaps the first online journal ranking system in the world which allows any individual to conduct citation analyses among more than 7000 academic journals with regards to his/her own interests. Besides classical statistics on citation quantity, the system also allows taking citation quality into consideration after extending on the(More)
A DNA primary sequence is a string consisting of letters on an alphabet Ω = {a, c, g, t}. Based on all of the 2-combinations of the set Ω, here the repetition is allowed, we transform a DNA primary sequence into a special sequence over a set with cardinality 10. With the 10-letter sequence, we associate 10 nonnegative numerical sequences and then derive a(More)