Hong Lv

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Oxygen conversion process between O₂ and H₂O by means of electrochemistry or photochemistry has lately received a great deal of attention. Cobalt-phosphate (Co-Pi) catalyst is a new type of cost-effective artificial oxygen-evolving complex (OEC) with amorphous features during photosynthesis. However, can such Co-Pi OEC also act as oxygen reduction reaction(More)
The one-step synthesis method of nitrogen doped microporous carbon monoliths derived from biomass with high-efficiency is developed using a novel ammonia (NH3)-assisted activation process, where NH3 serves as both activating agent and nitrogen source. Both pore forming and nitrogen doping simultaneously proceed during the process, obviously superior to(More)
The phase fluctuation of Laguerre-Gaussian (LG) vortex beams induced by atmospheric turbulence affects the quantum phase associated with azimuth coordinates and affects the orbital angular momentum of the vortex beams. The measurement of orbital angular momentum is affected by the change in the classical phase and the quantum phase in the Hilbert space.(More)
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