Hong-Long Lin

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Soil contamination by heavy metals is increasing. The biosorption process for removal of the heavy metal Cd(2+) from contaminated soil is chosen for this study due to its economy, commercial applications, and because it acts without destroying soil structure. The study is divided into four parts (1) soil leaching: the relationships between the soil leaching(More)
Providing high vertical interconnection density between device tiers, through silicon via (TSV) offers a promising solution in 3D IC to reduce the length of global interconnection. However, some design issues hinder TSV from volumes of adoption, such as IR drop, thermal dissipation, current delivery per package pin and various voltage domains among tiers.(More)
Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic systemic autoimmune disease. Prolonged complete remission is rare. Most patients with SLE need long-term treatment with glucocorticoid and immunomodulators. However, side effects because of the above medications are common. We evaluated the effect of adding-on Dan-Chi-Liu-Wei combination (DCLWC) on SLE(More)
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