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Universality of the hydrodynamic limit in AdS/CFT and the membrane paradigm
We show that at the level of linear response the low-frequency limit of a strongly coupled field theory at finite temperature is determined by the horizon geometry of its gravity dual, i.e., by the
Non-Fermi liquids from holography
We report on a potentially new class of non-Fermi liquids in (2+1)-dimensions. They are identified via the response functions of composite fermionic operators in a class of strongly interacting
Emergent quantum criticality, Fermi surfaces, and AdS2
Gravity solutions dual to d-dimensional field theories at finite charge density have a near-horizon region, which is AdS{sub 2}xR{sup d-1}. The scale invariance of the AdS{sub 2} region implies that
Viscosity Bound Violation in Higher Derivative Gravity
Motivated by the vast string landscape, we consider the shear viscosity to entropy density ratio in conformal field theories dual to Einstein gravity with curvature square corrections. After field
Entanglement tsunami: universal scaling in holographic thermalization.
We consider the time evolution of entanglement entropy after a global quench in a strongly coupled holographic system, whose subsequent equilibration is described in the gravity dual by the
Calculating the jet quenching parameter.
It is observed that q can be given a model-independent, nonperturbative, quantum field theoretic definition in terms of the short-distance behavior of a particular lightlike Wilson loop, and a strong-coupling calculation of q is obtained in hot N=4 supersymmetric QCD.
A refinement of entanglement entropy and the number of degrees of freedom
A bstractWe introduce a “renormalized entanglement entropy” which is intrinsically UV finite and is most sensitive to the degrees of freedom at the scale of the size R of the entangled region. We
Viscosity bound and causality violation.
It is argued, in the context of the same model, that tuning eta/s below (16/25)(1/4 pi) induces microcausality violation in the CFT, rendering the theory inconsistent, supporting the idea of a possible universal lower bound on eta-s for all consistent theories.
Gauge/String Duality, Hot QCD and Heavy Ion Collisions
Over the last decade, both experimental and theoretical advances have brought the need for strong coupling techniques in the analysis of deconfined QCD matter and heavy ion collisions to the
Entanglement growth during thermalization in holographic systems
We derive in detail several universal features in the time evolution of entanglement entropy and other nonlocal observables in quenched holographic systems. The quenches are such that a spatially